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The land of Peaceful Dragon
Bhutan, best known to the world as the last Shangril-la has a rare combination of harmony and accord amidst a landscape of incredible beauty. Protected by mighty Himalayas from the rest of the world and enriched by the essence of Drukpa Kagyu School of Buddhism, Bhutan has managed to remain shrouded deeply in a jealously guarded isolation. Its rich Himalayan flora and fauna, dazzling white peaks and lush valleys provide Bhutan’s stunning beauty and aesthetic grandeur. Bhutan has gently opened its doors to the visitors who respect the delicate sensitivities of this pristine land and shares the sacred values of its people. The teachings of Mahayana Buddhism are the living faith of Bhutanese people and religious sites and institutions are the daily home of its people. Bhutanese architectures in Dzongs, buildings and houses are very striking
All foreign tourists travelling to Bhutan must travel through all-inclusive package tours organized by an agent. The Royal Government of Bhutan does not grant tourist visa to independent and individual travelers.

First select the program you are willing to undertake. Check the Druk air flight schedule with us or visit the site for your suitable flight need. You can make online flight reservation or we can help you for that.

We will send you the confirmation of the program including flight reservation, invoice of the trip and special payment instruction if any.

You have to make telegraphic transfer of payment to Bank Of Bhutan to be credited the account of our Bhutanese counter part. This is the only way of making payment for Bhutan trip. Bank charges involved should be borne by yoursef.

Fill up the Visa application form and forward to us. Your visa will be processed only after the receipt of payment. We will acknowledge you the receipt of the payment by e-mail/fax. It takes minimum 10 days to process visa. So, the payment should arrive in Bhutan well in time.

The Tourism Authority of Bhutan, upon found the visa processing in order, will issue a “visa clearance letter with a reference number, which in fact, is the confirmation of your visa. They will intimate the visa reference no to you as well as the Druk Air Offices . With this reference number, you can get your flight ticket issued from the Druk Air in Kathmandu, Delhi, Calcutta or Bangkok. Scenic Adventures can also make your travel arrangement without any problems.

We will mail you the official tour confirmation letter and service voucher, which you will have to produce to our Bhutanese reprentative. If you are travelling from Delhi or Kathmandu, you can collect them from us in person.
• Your passport is stamped with actual visa at the port/boarder of entrance to Bhutan against the payment of cash USD 20 with 2-passport size photographs. Extra copies of photos will be an advantage.